There is no easier way to improve and maintain the attractiveness of your property than to keep the roof and exterior properly cleaned. The blackened areas and streaks that you see on your roof making it look “dirty” are actually the result of algae and bacteria that are feeding, growing, and spreading on your roof. In addition to making roofs look as if they need to be replaced, these algae can damage your roofs.

We are a professional, Eco-Friendly, Finger Lakes Area Roof & Exterior Cleaning company. With our unique and special Softwash systems, you never have to worry about damaging your home or property to get that “Like New” appearance.

The application of cleaning agents is with a gentle spray similar to your garden hose. This cleaning agent cleans the surface, eliminates the algae, and leaves a residual that helps protect against future algae growth. It generally lasts four to six times longer than pressure washing without any of the potential damage. We apply the cleaners from the ground or from the roof depending upon the dynamics of your roof.

Maintaining the exterior of your property is just as important as maintaining the interior. A clean building or home makes a person feel at ease with their surroundings and feel good about the space. Softwashing exterior surfaces is essential since these surfaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions including hot summer heat, intense sun, heavy rains, humidity, and more. If these surfaces are not cleaned/treated and maintained on a regular basis, these contaminated surfaces will become breeding grounds for algae, moss, and bacteria. This does not only impact the aesthetic appeal of the property, but the lack of regular cleaning/treating and proper maintenance will lead to premature deterioration and the early replacement of building materials. The Clean and Green softwash experts can clean/treat the contaminated exteriors of your home or place of business!


Maintaining the exterior of your property is just as important as maintaining the interior.


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