Concrete get dirty!
While it is easy to clean up superficially, softwashing goes much further and offers a deeper, longer-lasting effect. It is one of the gentlest and most thorough techniques for cleaning concrete.

Weather, foot and car traffic, as well as general wear and tear means that concrete slabs will benefit from regular maintenance. Regular brushing fortunately works well for day to day needs, but over time stains and organic growths can accumulate. In such circumstances, softwashing is recommended. Power Washing, which can range up to an epic 2000 psi, is far too aggressive in most circumstances. The effects of a softwash will last for longer too.

For the purposes of effective cleaning, it is first important to establish what kind of concrete require cleaning. While there are many varieties which all require treatment, it is important to consider whether the concrete surface is porous or non-porous, so it receives the right treatment. Mild detergents with the appropriate biocide, depending on the infection, are the best option for cleaning concrete.

When cleaning non-porous slabs we will first inspect for any damage, as repair is vital if the non-porous surface is to be maintained over time. We will give dedicated treatments to the infected areas, before delivering a rigorous clean to remove stains and obvious infectants. The biocide will then be left to work its magic and prevent reinfection over the coming weeks and months. Porous concrete slabs will be given a similar inspection and treatment, but we will concentrate on steam cleaning to really penetrate the surface and ensure a deep clean. Softwashing concrete slabs cleans them both inside and out. All our softwash detergent blends are mild, 100% safe and biodegradable. The immediately positive effects of a softwash will usually last three times longer than the equivalent high pressure wash. So when sweeping your concrete slabs is no longer getting them clean, give Clean and Green a call! DRIVE WAYS, WALKWAYS, PARKING LOTS, GARAGES, DRIVE-THRUS, LOADING DOCKS, PARKS AND COMMON AREAS.


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